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Trump Should Not Make Money On Presidency

September 6, 2019

Not for the first time do I call Donald Trump a grifter.  I wrote a post all about the unseemly money gabbing side of his entire family this past month.  There is now more reason to focus on that aspect as the recent trip to Ireland by Vice-President Pence demonstrates.

It was announced today Congressman Elijah Cummings, who is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, along with Congressman Jerry Nadler, who chairs the Judiciary Committee have joined forces to dive into the murky depths of what happened when Pence stayed–at of all places–Trump Doonbeg in Ireland.

This, of course, is also an investigation into Trump’s boastful desire to host the G-7 at his resort in Miami.

There is no doubt to any reasonable observer that Trump, and his family, have one object in mind from his holding the highest office in the land.  Trump is abusing his office for the sake of making money.  I have called for the impeachment of Trump, and one of the reasons that support his removal is his attempt to personally profit from his office.

The ‘smoking gun’ over the Pence matter came from none other than Marc Short who serves as his chief of staff.  It was on the record that Short stated Trump told Pence’s staff that they should stay in his hotel in Ireland.  To cover up that verbal mess it was soon reported that it was only Pence who determined where to lay his head for the night.

If that does not reek of a cover-up I am not sure what would.

I know the bar is so low for ethical behavior in this White House, and what passes for good taste has been tossed out with all the vegetables from Trump’s plate.  But for the rest of us who still believe in higher standards of conduct, along with a higher calling for those who are elected, we must not bend or break.  We need to have investigations and keep pursuing what we know are the proper rules of conduct.  If we fail to register our dismay, or seek to remedy these matters, then Trump and his ilk will have truly won.

We must never allow that to happen.

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