“Day Of Confession”

Out and about on a mostly cloudy Saturday in Madison and while browsing came upon a book by Allan Folsum published in 1998. Day Of Confession seems most promising for an escape read later this year with Vatican intrigue taking center stage.  I have long contended that nothing is more political and at times sinister, than the workings of the Vatican and the Catholic Church.  History shows that to be true.

And it seems like Folsum knows that too as the tease on the jacket cover reveals.

Four days after Cardinal Rosario Parma is assassinated in Rome, hotshot L.A. entertainment lawyer Harry Addison gets a frantic phone message from his estranged brother, Danny, a Vatican priest.  Shortly thereafter, Harry hears that Danny has died in a bus explosion. When he flies to Rome to claim the body, he discovers that Danny is the prime suspect in Parma’s murder and that he’s still alive. The novel then follows two parallel plots. Harry tries to find Danny and clear his name; meanwhile, the sinister Cardinal Umberto Palestrina, who thinks he’s the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, plots to make China the site of a new Holy Roman Empire.

Some day when all the real headlines of the day are making me wonder if sanity still exists in Washington I will turn to read a story which starts with the cardinal vicar of Rome being assassinated on the pope’s birthday.

Can that storyline be any crazier than the latest tweet?