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Six Month Drought In White House Press Room…And Counting

September 9, 2019


The White House press secretary has not held an on-camera briefing since March 11. This Wednesday will be the six-month mark of the drought.  Our national government allows reporters to be very close to the seat of power.  Closer than any other leader provides for reporters in any other country around the globe.

The White House Pressroom is located just steps from the office of the press secretary to the president. The relationship between White House reporters and the leader of our nation, regardless of political party or decade, is often tense and difficult.  As it should be.  As it needs to be.

To provide our democracy with the information, insight, and analysis needed for citizens to be able to evaluate the direction of the nation a robust press corps needs to probe and question all our leaders. That often makes every White House uncomfortable.

But that is one price of attaining power that each president must deal with.  The fact that reporters unearth and report on issues that otherwise would never come to light such as the Pentagon Papers in the 1970’s, or the eavesdropping story during President Bush’s term underscores the need for an energized press as they report and help secure the foundations of our nation.  The press in our nation is as much a part of why we are free today as the soldiers in uniform.

We often forget that.

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