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John Bolton Fired For Doing Something Correctly

September 10, 2019


No one will ever accuse me of being aligned with John Bolten regarding views of international policy.

In March 2018, as Bolton was about to join the Donald Trump White House, I posted my views of the hawkish man.

Bolton has earned a reputation at home and abroad for his jingoism–and let me be clear in stating that is not an asset in the world of high-level international dealings.  He was an architect of the U.S.- led Iraq war–a war which was the worst foreign policy act ever taken by our nation in that region of the world.  That war began 15 years ago this week, and with Bolton providing more and ever-increasing belligerent and intellectually incoherent foreign policy advice means that we are in a more dire place than ever with the Trump Administration.

Especially toward Iran.  And North Korea.

Bolton has called for a military attack on nuclear-armed North Korea, vigorously opposed the Iran nuclear deal and taken positions that even fellow Republicans have called extreme.

This morning news raced over the airwaves that Trump had fired Bolton.

This past weekend was a total and major embarrassment when the Taliban had been invited to Camp David, a move that Bolton and anyone else who thought about the matter for 30 seconds would have concluded was not in any way a well-conceived idea.

Trump tweeted today that he “disagreed strongly” with many of Bolton’s suggestions, “as did others in the administration.” 

Bolton’s departure is important in the context of who now has the advantage regarding policy moves of pursuing diplomatic openings with some of our most intractable enemies.  Without Bolton one needs to ask where the brakes are on some truly terrible ideas.  Ponder that a moment.  When Bolten is one of the safeguards to an administration….

While I much disagree with an overall world view espoused by Bolton I do accept the fact he was doing a needed job when stopping Trump from making unwise agreements with some of America’s enemies.

Like the Taliban this past weekend at Camp David.

While I see power as the currency of international politics and know that we must negotiate with our enemies,  we also must receive a real benefit from securing an agreement.  Having carnage continue as the Taliban continued mass killings and rewarding them with a trip to Camp David, was galling.  Too have Bolton not be a sycophant to such a plan will be noted as a positive point when his life story is written.

The downside to the nation is that with the removal of Bolton it will only enhance the echo chamber in the White House which Trump currently lives in.

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