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Bringing Gun-Toters Into Line–One Law At A Time

September 13, 2019

This blog has championed gun control over the past thirteen years.  But my interest in this matter goes back 40 years when my first-ever letter to the editor of a newspaper advocated for needed gun reform.  I take this matter most seriously.

And when progress is made–even at the margins–I applaud the efforts.  Such as the new law in New York.

A new law expanding the time to perform a background check for a firearm purchase in New York has taken effect.  Previously, a weapons purchase could proceed after three days even if a background check was inconclusive, but the measure from Democratic state lawmakers allow for 30 days to complete the review. The legislation was signed in July by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Why this matter is elevated to a post on Caffeinated Politics is that this issue of background checks was highlighted by the Gifford Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.  They noted that Dylann Roof, the perpetrator of a mass shooting in Charleston, would have been denied the ability to purchase a weapon if there was sufficient time for a background check.

The working at the fringes of needed gun control laws might seem slow and stodgy but as we see from the data there is merit.  There is so much to do to bring the gun-toters into line in this nation.  But as this New York effort proved we can make progress.  We only need the will of the elected class to make it happen.  The people want these laws and are desiring more such efforts be made.

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