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Perhaps Just Govern…..

September 13, 2019

What to do? What to do?

When given no chance to compete on the main stage of American politics what can an elected official do?  What might someone who is not gaining anything other than negative press do when they already hold a major office in the land, but fail to make inroads when seeking an even higher office?

Well, they might consider buckling down the hatches back home and govern.

But, not so fast.  We are not talking here about just any ordinary politician or elected official.   This one being discussed has an ego the size of the city he leads.  And therein lies the problem.

Bill de Blasio thinks he is far more intelligent, capable, and even needed for the national stage than any of his current constituents do.  His worst press has come from his own backyard.  That must hurt.  But it does not stop him from preening and dreaming.

At some point–I suspect in late October–daylight will split the sky and de Blasio will come to terms with his limitations.

Until then, it is more of the same. 

(He) runs American’s biggest city, oversees a budget bigger than Ireland’s, and commands a police force larger than the army George Washington needed to win America’s independence at Yorktown.

But right now, all the mayor of New York City needs is something much more humble — and, so far, elusive: a measly bump in the polls, from 1 to 2 percent.

“Look, I’ve been at 1 percent, like, 10 times,” he said while waiting backstage for his turn to be number 15 of 19 presidential candidates to address a gathering of New Hampshire Democrats last weekend. “This is what’s so tantalizing and aggravating about this. Just go up one more percent and you’re in.”

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