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Boris Johnson And David Cameron Must-Read Quotes

September 15, 2019


No one should think CP has forgotten the delusional person across the pond in Britain.  Boris Johnson is still very much making the news, and still acting like someone has stolen his bangers and mash.

This morning a British paper reports that Johnson said he will ignore legislation ordering him to seek a second extension of Article 50 if no Brexit deal is reached by mid-October.  That is just half of the news, however, with his interview in the Mail.

Johnson said he would emulate Bruce Banner, the fictional scientist who transforms into the Hulk when angry.   The quote that seems more off-the-wall than normal is when Johnson says “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.”

But the quote from David Cameron is the more serious and damaging.  This weekend much of Britain is reading extracts from the long-awaited memoir of the former prime minister.  Cameron does not hold back about Johnson.  In Open Warfare to be released in days, Cameron says the leaders of the Leave campaign declared “open warfare” on him and were guilty of “lying” to the public to win the EU referendum. When Johnson appeared in front of a Vote Leave campaign bus with the claim that Brexit would mean £350 million a week extra for the NHS, “he left the truth at home”.

In addition, Cameron states that Johnson “didn’t believe in” Brexit and backed the Leave campaign only to “help his political career,” as he “wanted to become the darling of the party.” Johnson, who now rejects holding a second public vote on Brexit, privately claimed during the EU referendum campaign that “there could always be a fresh renegotiation, followed by a second referendum,” according to Cameron.

Ouch and Ouch!

But from what we know of Johnson it seems true.

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