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Impeach Donald Trump…Now

September 24, 2019

The most implicit quid pro quo in history coupled with a flagrantly impeachable offense is what we see playing out as new reports provide more details of the dealings Trump had with Ukraine.. Once again Trump is seeking the support of foreign governments to sway a US election. This time with the full power of the US presidency in his pocket. Let me be most clear.

Impeachment proceedings need to begin TODAY.

Trump must be shown that he cannot continue these actions throughout the 2020 election season. Impeachment will at the very least curtail future actions of this nature. Let every GOP member of the US Senate be forced to take a vote in support of this behavior.

History calls us to act and to stand up so those future generations will know that when faced with a would-be despot and one who used illiberal actions against our democratic institutions we took action for the nation we love. The darkness of an autocracy must not be our fate—we can act to stop that from happening. History says we must stand up at this moment in our nation.


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