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Morning Newspapers Show State Of National Concern Over Abuse Of Oval Office

September 27, 2019

There is no joy to be found on the front pages of the newspapers which arrived at people’s homes early this morning or the ones picked up by commuters on their way to the office.  We can be very much opposed to Donald Trump, and we most certainly are with a myriad of factual reasons for our feelings.  The reason we find no glee today when seeing the front pages is that this is our country, and it is in a very large dark hole.  Our love of country always runs a mile ahead of any partisan feelings.  That is why what we witness today on the front pages leaves us with a heavy heart.

As I looked at front pages from coast to coast it was interesting to see how they presented the story and the headlines they chose.  Each was chosen with care and precision.  While I could have selected 50 pages and still left many worthy selections behind, I chose these as the most representative of the mood of the nation.


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