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Thank You Mike Koval!

September 30, 2019


It comes as no surprise to any of my readers that I send a sincere Thank You to Mike Koval as he starts another chapter of life.  His service to our community as Chief of the Madison Police Department has been an honorable one.  Others can pay heed to it as an example of how to lead with character.

Koval resigned from his position over the weekend.  While he has most certainly earned down-time, it also goes without saying we will miss him.

No one can say Koval did not face headwinds.  The times in which any major city now finds itself means all who wear blue are faced with social unrest and never enough revenue to meet the needs of a department.

This blog has been four-square behind both the Madison Police Department and Chief  Koval.  I simply reject the knee-jerk reactions to our local officers based on events that happen in places around the nation.  There are no easy answers to any of the complicated elements about those stories.  But I know that in Madison we have men and women who wear blue who rise to the high standards of their profession.  Koval made sure of that.

I have been able to talk with Koval over time and know him to be most able not only to communicate effectively but also to make solid points with his words.  He would wish us never to forget, when headlines scream of mayhem, that police are human like everyone else, hurt like everyone else, and desire strong safe communities like everyone else.

I would add that the very ones who often place themselves in harm’s way to protect us need far more recognition than they have received.  At the top of that long list of names is Mike Koval.

Thanks, Mike, for what you did for our city, and who you are as a person.

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