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Wading Deeper Into The Muck

October 3, 2019

And Thursday morning is well underway with more of the same from Donald Trump.

Trump has now called on both Ukraine and China to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter in relation to the younger Biden’s business dealings during the tenure of the former vice president.  That there is no proof of any wrongdoing underscores the insanity of what Trump continues to press for.  And of course, this underscores the whole rationale for the impeachment proceedings now underway in the House of Representatives.

That comment from Trump came at the same time Kurt Volker, who resigned last week as the Trump administration’s special envoy for Ukraine, was being interviewed behind closed doors in front of three House committees.  

Meanwhile, Trump is blustering about threatening to execute whistleblowers and arrest congressmen.  And now asking China to involve itself into an American election.

What Trump seems not to be aware of, even though he would applaud himself for his marketing prowess, is that optics matter.  But over the past two weeks, the optics for this White House has been simply dreadful.  And every day it gets worse.

Now China.

Asking a foreign government to help him politically is not just galling.  It is legally stupid. How many articles of impeachment does Trump want to have against him?

At this point with the madness that is the life and time of Donald Trump, we are as the New York Times reported this morning, ramping up for the most bizarre chapter of this story yet.

What’s left is Mr. Trump acting alone, and poised to live-tweet his own impeachment, complete with all-caps obscenities, alarming accusations of treason and warnings that impeachment is really a “coup.”

And so it goes.

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