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Two Thumbs Up For Madison Wheel Tax

October 6, 2019

I was not a supporter of Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway as she campaigned for office.  I have not applauded several decisions she has made while in her first months of office.  But I can firmly stand alongside her desire to see a wheel tax implemented in our city.

A wheel tax is certainly not a new idea, but it remains a good one. It is an issue I have long supported, and in this time of restricted funding from the state, an idea Madison needs to seriously consider. A wheel tax would serve the interests of the city as the fee could be used locally for needed bus services.

Every mature voter knows there is a need to enhance revenues if we are to meet the needs of the citizenry.  An honest approach making it clear that streets and roads must have more funds, so they can be serviced adequately, should not be politically risky in this city.

I simply reject the notion that we should never address openly the need for taxes. It is a dreadful concept that the only time we talk about taxes is when someone proposes reducing them.  In Madison, we are smart enough to understand that essential government services need to have funding sources that meet the needs of those who reside here.

As we have all witnessed in Wisconsin a level of dysfunctional government has taken hold when it comes to transportation needs.  There is simply a lack of will power to push through the needed tax increases so as to allow the ever-growing number of needed transportation projects to get started or completed.   The lack of leadership and resolve to deal with this matter has placed Wisconsin as the worst in the nation for the state of our roads.

I want Madison to demonstrate we have the maturity to govern.  I applaud those with leadership skills who advocate for a wheel tax in Madison.

Let us get it done!

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