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Slaughter Of Kurds Begins, U. S. Backed Militia Dying, World Can Not Trust America

October 9, 2019

Turkey sent warplanes and troops into northeastern Syria early today for the start of a military operation that can only be described as breathtakingly sad.  Not only are the Kurds to be eliminated, but the status of the United States as being credible on the world stage has suffered a severe and dangerous blow.

An outcome, all the way around, which has been caused by Donald Trump.  Under-educated and under-skilled for the job he sought in 2016, the proof of that is now being felt by the Kurds, along with our national honor.

One of the foundations for this blog–one of the points I hammer time and again–is the importance of process in governing.  And the danger when the process is not adhered to.  Trump unilaterally decided, without Pentagon or State Department input, that maintaining a couple of thousand American boots on the ground was too costly in Syria.  He felt that some half-baked ‘pull them out’ rhetoric from the 2016 campaign contained the heft and needed deliberations that any policy decisions must be rooted in.

The lack of process has made for a very dark day with the world looking at the military incursion by Turkey and knowing that the United States went to bent knee.  The Kurds were are staunch allies.  They are largely responsible for containing  Daesh in the region. Their reward for their bravery is to be hunted down, bombed, and killed.  The international community will record this moment.  We will live to regret it as a nation.

A nation must not throw allies into the line of advancing columns of troops, who have as their mission, the removal and annihilation of those who stood by our side.  Our word, and our connection in battles fought shoulder-to-shoulder over the past years, should be more than enough for Trump to deny Turkey the ability to undertake this bloody action.

But then Trump would have to know something about our history, our military, or honor.  Lacking awareness in all of those areas is how we have come to now watch the Kurds be attacked on international news.

It is time for the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate how this Trump action came about.  This is just another shining example as to why oversight responsibility is so vital in a republic.

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