What Should I Write About Today……Lets See…..Oh, Yeah…Arrests At Dulles


A friend, several years ago, told me one of the luxuries I have is picking any topic, on any given day, to opine about.  That is true.  Then there are the days when the news is just so bizarre that I wait until the nighttime to post as I am not sure where to start.

Such as today.

Federal prosecutors unsealed charges against two men who have aided Donald Trump’s efforts to gather damaging information in Ukraine about his political opponents.  That would be a mighty significant story if one were to stop there.

But no.  It continues.

The indictment of the two men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, sketched a complex scheme to violate campaign finance laws by revealing new details about the push to pressure Ukraine: a campaign encouraged by Trump and led by his private lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Just hours before the arrest of the two men Rudy was having a good-ole-boy’s lunch with them at Trump Tower in Washington.  The two were later arrested at Dulles with one-way tickets out of the country.

If I were writing a political drama the only thing missing would be for Giuliani to have struck a deal with the FBI and been wired for the lunch.  But that is just the twist in the plot I would have devised.  Bloggers, however, have to work with the script that has been constructed, as in this case, by the criminals themselves.

But my readers have to admit that the scene painted in the news does lend itself to a grand book opening with a plot that begs to be read as the snowflakes start to fall.   The pair were walking down a glass-framed jetway, boarding with first-class passengers after indulging in free drinks and food in the lounge, when two plainclothes officers stopped them.  I suspect the last sausage roll backed up a bit at the sight of the badges.

I still hear, from time to time, that politics is boring or that it has no meaning.  Well, that is hogwash.  If there was ever a time to pay attention to politics, now is the time.  Our republic is at stake.

What has played out over the past month is the tip of a growing iceberg that will have the inspection and oversight that it deserves. So much chicanery and undermining of our political institutions have occurred over the past two years, with no repercussions for Trump, that there was a feeling in the White House that abuses could just continue.  Then the day following Robert Mueller’s questioning before Congress Trump made his fatal mistake in the Oval Office. With all the swagger and swing that comes with obesity, Trump plumped down in his chair at his famed desk and had a conversation with the Ukrainian President.

We all know what happens when a mudslide starts.  Nothing can stop it.  The same is now true for Trump in the White House.  It now is all downhill.