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Dolly Parton And 50 Years At Grand Ole Opry

October 12, 2019


It is a magical night at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville as Dolly Parton celebrates 50 years of standing on the famed stage and being a part of the longest-running radio show in American history on WSM.

There is no way such an occasion could happen without a salute from Caffeinated Politics.   I found the perfect way to showcase Dolly, and the Opry.  This video starts with an Opry announcer I heard as a boy, admired as a man, and even these many years after his passing, still consider his smooth vocal delivery to be worthy of a listen.   Grant Turner has been praised on CP, and I am glad to do it again with Dolly in this video.  Grant’s daughter saw my tribute and commented on this blog.  This little part of the internet highway has brought many smiles.

Dolly Parton performed at the Dane County Coliseum a number of years ago.  It was James’ first-ever large concert.   The night remains a special one for us both.  Dolly as a  singer is simply superb, but the entertainer persona that Dolly has mastered in her performance was one of the best I have witnessed.  And I have seen Frank and Wayne.

I am delighted that Dolly has received this awesome weekend–she is a national treasure.  The stars on the stage in this video are a way to sum up Opry history and Dolly’s history, too!

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