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Bi-Partisanship Arrived On Capitol Hill, Rebuke Of Trump Over Syria

October 16, 2019


I strongly suspect that if you gathered a group of citizens from each of the 50 states and asked them if they wanted their elected officials in Washington to compromise on the issues of the day, and find a bipartisan path forward, it would be met with resounding approval.

Today that is what happened, at least on one issue.  An issue, without doubt, of mighty importance.

The House condemned Donald Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria, which paved the way for Turkey’s military assault against the Kurds.   The overwhelming bipartisan vote was a rare public rebuke of Trump from his own party and comes as Trump tries to defend his much-criticized decision to pull out of Syria.

The resolution, which is largely symbolic, upbraids the withdrawal as “beneficial to adversaries of the United States government” including Russia, Syria, and Iran, and calls on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey to immediately end unilateral military action in northern Syria.

But the fact that there was consensus on anything in this fractured, and too-often dysfunctional congress, is a fact that should not be overlooked or dismissed.  There has been a total lack of accountability registered from Republicans for any of the actions Trump has undertaken since his inauguration.  Without any threat of brakes on his, at times illegal and certainly unconstitutional behavior, it left him feeling emboldened to continue his reckless actions.

This blog has always been on the side of the Kurds, always a firm advocate for a process of governing that adheres to reason, facts, and logic, and always a believer that America must continue to play a robust role on the world stage.

When Trump did not follow a path of policy creation that made sense to international needs, undermined our allies, and severely diminished America before the world there is only one thing to do.  And that is a bi-partisn action of condemnation.

When congress can not agree on anything. from the immoral behavior of ripping children from the arms of mothers at the border to the callous disregard to gun violence, we can at least say there is one line that can not be crossed.

The Kurds and our Syrian policy are of such urgency that it made for allies of both conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans.  This unity is momentary, to be sure.  But, gosh, did it not feel nice for at least one day.

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