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The Fat Babies Swing For First Time In Dane County

October 17, 2019

Again this year we participated in the annual benefit concert for the life and work of Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton.  The event is remarkable for the food and desserts, along with talking to a variety of people who attend.  Each year there is music, and it always is quite good.

This evening, however, the music was simply phenomenal.

The Fat Babies are a Chicago creation from the uber-talented Beau Sample, who works the string bass with a driving beat.  He also looks the part of the era they are lifting back to its rightful place in the music world.  The 1920s and 30s are again reborn with the sound that harkens to the black and white films, and the speakeasies from great novels.

At night, when in my radio broadcasting days, I aired the Big Band Show on WDOR which featured the likes of Eddie Condon, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Cliff Edwards.  The music was spiced and filled with the verve that demands to never be stopped from live performances.  I can assure my readers the studio speakers were ramped up and the ‘local neighborhood disc jockey’ was bopping about the station.  By that time of the night, I was working the station solo, and it got loud. A special friend might come to the station about that time and wait until ‘the broadcast day’ was over and we would head out for breakfast at a local diner.  Good memories.

The Fat Babies know the essence and feel of the music and drive it home in each arrangement—many of them crafted for their presentations by Andy Schumm–who plays the cornet.

The mood they set, with the precision sound from an era that was so filled with power and punch, makes the Fat Babies a must-see the next time you visit Chicago.  They perform at the Green Mill (uptown) and it will be something James and I place on our to-do list.

For those who organize the Holy Wisdom Monastery event—take a bow–as you orchestrated a perfect evening of food, conversation, and music!

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