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Right-Wing Conspiracists Wrong About Hillary Clinton Classified Info

October 18, 2019

This blog has always wondered what the right-wing conspiracists do for relaxation.  After all, you and I head for escapism in a novel, the movie theatre, or some long afternoon drive.  But for those who always are way-out-there by living a life of fantasy with their conspiracy theories, what must they do on a night like this when mom turns the lights on in the basement and forces them to open a window?

Many a parent must be walking down the basement steps this evening to alert their man-child that the news reported Hillary Clinton did not mishandle classified material.  After all their energy expended to foment an alternate reality, the result has come down to a report based on nothing more than the truth. That makes your average right-winger mad enough to rip apart all the tin foil hats on his shelves.

The headline in the Washington Post flies in the face of all the far-right-wing media hysteria.

Overall, investigators said, “there was no persuasive evidence of systemic, deliberate mishandling of classified information.” The report cited “instances of classified information being inappropriately” transmitted, but noted that the vast majority of those scrutinized “were aware of security policies and did their best to implement them.”

Maybe the conspiracists can fall back on a classic from their dad’s time of political activism.


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