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Pleased With Brexit Extension Request, Boris Johnson Shame

October 19, 2019

Anything that delays, obstructs, and hems in those who desire to go cliff-jumping when it comes to Brexit is a good thing.  The events that saw the British Parliament in session on a Saturday, the first time that has happened in over three decades, has now moved to a formal letter seeking an extension from the EU for time to ‘sorts things out’.

While my desire to see Brexit stalled has to do with the economics of the matter, along with my disdain for the fraudulent way the Leave campaign manipulated voters, I readily admit the frosting to this story today is Boris Johnson needing to go where he stated he would never tread.

The British government formally asked the European Union to delay the country’s departure for the third time, a request Prime Minister Boris Johnson had long resisted,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Mr. Johnson, who has rejected delaying Brexit, didn’t sign the letter. He also sent a second letter urging EU leaders not to grant an extension.

The request, in a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk sent late Saturday, marks a political setback for Mr. Johnson just days after he successfully concluded a renegotiation of Britain’s EU withdrawal terms that his political opponents assumed was all but impossible.



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