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From The ‘Can Not Make This Up’ File

October 24, 2019

You know that episode yesterday when about two dozen House Republicans stormed into a closed impeachment deposition, a move Democrats labeled as a desperate stunt designed to draw attention away from the damning facts? Well, we find out this morning that about half of those Republicans are on the three committees taking the depositions, so they already had access to the meeting room. I wonder if any of them realized that?

It has been interesting to watch, from the perspective of how to manage political scandals, how Republicans have moved the talking points to various topics the deeper the muck gets regarding the facts of Donald Trump’s offenses.  There is no way to defend his actions, or say it does not violate the law.  So they have now attempted to undermine the process of how testimony is taken.

The GOP charges that secret “Democratic” hearings are nefarious, never seeming to realize that these depositions are more like a grand jury proceeding.  They also fail to note that public testimony will follow these depositions.  And then there is the fact Republican House leadership has access to the transcripts.  Facts are stubborn things to undermine.

I admit for many people watching C-SPAN may seem to be dry television.   But let me assure my readers there was something quite exciting when the channel covered the incident with their camera. It showed the capital police responding with at least a dozen officers into the area to remove the unauthorized Republicans.

The ‘law and order’ party had turned into the noisy protesters!

You simply can not make this stuff up.

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