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October 24, 2019


We know the slurs and slams all too well from Donald Trump towards the Fourth Estate.  I have commented about them often on this blog.

Trump has called members of the press “enemies of the people,” deemed critical coverage “fake,” accused news organizations of treason and uttered the phrases just as Joesph Stalin did.

But not until this week had Mr. Trump turned to the ultimate recourse of the unhappy reader: He canceled his subscription.  This should surprise no one as Trump has often stated his disdain for reading.   His illiterate nature is the outcome of such a way of life.

Officials in the West Wing on Thursday announced that copies of The Washington Post and The New York Times would no longer be delivered to the White House. The administration is moving to force other federal agencies to end their subscriptions to the papers, as well.

Trump can not stand the heat that is building under him.  Republicans are coming to realize that the creepy guy they crawled into bed with is seriously ill and wonder how sick the entire party will become.  If all this were to be placed into one quote–from The Washington Post--today it would be the following one from a Trump insider.

“We are getting crushed right now.”

That’s from a Trump adviser who has been regularly speaking with the orange-skinned man, describing to Post reporters the view that Trump and his allies are increasingly struggling to defend him from growing evidence he attempted to bolster his own political future by pressuring Ukraine.

Instead of planning for the end of his term in office the White House is just stopping the messenger from having access to alert them as to when the moving boxes should arrive for Trump’s hairspray bottles.

Tick, tock, tick……

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