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Impeachment Inquiry Is Legal, GOP Needs To Grab Hold Of Reality

October 25, 2019

The House is legally engaged in an impeachment inquiry, a federal judge ruled today, which would seem to be only news to conservatives who have moved to attack the process given they can not argue the facts.  The ruling is a massive victory for House Democrats as they dive into the muck of the Donald Trump White House.

As such the ruling now allows for the House Judiciary Committee to view secret grand jury evidence gathered by the special counsel Robert Mueller.  There can be no withholding of material from lawmakers.

Under ordinary circumstances, Congress has no right to view secret evidence gathered by a grand jury.  But when President Nixon was brought to accountability the courts permitted the committee weighing whether to impeach him to have access to such materials.  With today’s ruling that same allowance will be made so to find the truth about Trump.  The federal judge wrote that the law in question regarding a need to keep the information secret from Congress was “minimal” and easily outweighed by lawmakers’ need for it when it came to cases of presidential impeachment.

What today’s troubled conservatives have to come to terms with is that they simply got into the wrong bed in 2016 and are now needing to face the political penicillin. Opening an impeachment action against Nixon was legal.  And most needed.  With Clinton, it was truly mystifying as it boiled down to not telling the truth about consensual sex.

But with Trump the impeachment process is about foreign powers influencing our elections.  It makes sex with an intern look like a day at the beach.  Even on a chilly autumn day.

As for the Trump supporters I am confounded as to why they are so nervous.  Since Trump has told everyone there was nothing wrong being done means he should have nothing to hide.


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