GOP Sink To Low Level When Demeaning Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

It has been most unsettling to hear and read the accounts from Fox News and angry Republicans concerning Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.  The smearing of a military man by the likes of Sean Duffy is more than enough reason to sneer over the idea that the GOP purports to care about the military men and women in this nation.

Republicans have proven they are more interested in upholding a desperate president, standing alongside extremist loud-mouths within their party, and repeating ad-nauseam the most scurrilous of lies and bombast.  The GOP’s partisan loyalty to Trump is disgraceful.  Meanwhile, members of the military have a higher calling.  Posted at West Point is this writing.


And more to the point of the attacks on Vindman is a perfectly toned editorial cartoon to demonstrate how low some conservatives have dropped.  They need reminding what service to country is when it comes to the military.