Our Realtors Helping Those Struggling With Life Issues–With The Aid Of Icelandic Horses

Long before Robin and Will Guernsey became our realtors they were our friends.  They lived a block away when we first met them.  But it was during the first seven months of this year they melded professionalism with friendship and assisted in making sure James and I were able to finalize the purchase of the upper two stories of our Victorian home on the Madison isthmus.  We will be forever grateful.

The couple now has a large picture-perfect country area for Icelandic horses which I have had the joy in romping alongside while feeding countless carrots.  The horses are gorgeous creatures.  This week we were delighted to watch the local news coverage of Guernsey’s efforts to make people worldwide feel a bit better about life with the aid of these animals.

This summer, on the one year anniversary of her father’s death, she brought Facebook and Instagram social media pages called IamGlytja to life.

She hopes others will benefit on-line from the calming presence of her Icelandic horse herd, which helped her through the loss of her father. Guernsey said, “Instead of being sad about it, I thought is there a way for Glytja to help other people who might be struggling as well?”

The pages already have nearly 3,000 followers. She’s hoping followers will find IamGlytja to be a bright spot if they’re having a rough day. On the pages she shares what Glytja and the herd have been up to that day and posts entertaining pictures.

Below your blogger with one of these cuties.