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Trump’s Impeachment Process Makes For Front Page Headlines

November 1, 2019

Yesterday was a truly historic day in the nation.  The Hosue of Representatives passed a resolution shaping the process for impeachment hearings.  The Republicans went into their usual fall-back position of acting as if they never opened a civics book and even read the preface.

The impeachment hearings are, simply put, an inquiry to get at the truth concerning the actions Donald Trump took which run counter to our Constitution.   So with the partisan display Republicans took at every turn, they have proven again that honesty and integrity do not matter to them.   Law and order are only buzz-words they use on the campaign trail.  When it comes to the needs of the nation the GOP has proved they only care about their party.  The GOP should have bumper stickers that say simply ‘to hell with the country’.

Yesterday the Republican defense, articulated by Congressman McCarthy, is that Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump since the day he was elected.  What he left unsaid is that Trump has lied, abused the Constitution, ripped up treaties, cooperated with our enemies, disabled our intelligence services, and openly sought financial gain for himself and his family while failing to disclose his own tax filings.  Those are some of the reasons that have fueled calls for impeachment.   Had Democrats exerted the urge that McCarthy charged they would have pressed for impeachment for obstruction of justice following the release of the Mueller Report.   (Something this blog advocated.) 

Now Trump’s been caught trying to use the power of his office to force a dependent foreign country to manufacture an “investigation” against a 2020 political opponent. If Trump hadn’t been engaging in corrupt, self-serving activities in the office, impeachment wouldn’t be in play.

Anf so it goes.

Now a sampling of the front pages of newspapers around the country.











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