Tennesee Radio Hall Of Fame (And Caffeinated Politics)

Many years ago a friend of mine, who worked in marketing for a New York firm, advised me how to make this blog more focused.  More niche-oriented.  She told me I was aiming for an audience that was too diverse, and in so doing missing a larger share of a certain type of reader looking for content of a specialized type.  I have no doubt that was sage advice.

But I like to write about the topics of the day which strike my fancy.  That means almost anything under the sun might be found, at some point, to have been posted on CP.  Which is how the voice from over the airwaves on Saturday nights, which I loved to hear as a boy, made it to this blog.  Grant Turner was an announcer from WSM, broadcasting live from the world-famous Grand Ole Opry stage.   In 2007 I paid tribute to Turner in a post, which attracted attention from his daughter.

Today it came to my attention that the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame website has my post as the one singled out when Turners’ picture is selected.  I can not express how I felt upon learning this news, given my deep admiration for Turner, and my decades-long love affair with the Grand Old Opry.  The world’s longest-running radio show.

Yes, this blog could have been more focused and laser-oriented in the content which appears in over 14,000 posts.  My friend was right.  But today I know I am right too, as there are just too many topics in the world that ignite my passion to limit what might be posted tomorrow.

Grant Turner made me smile as a boy on many Saturday nights.  These decades later he is doing the same on this winter-like Saturday night in Madison.

And so it goes.