All Eyes Are On Virginia And Kentucky Today

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It is election day in a couple of key states today.  Tea-leaf readers, and for good reason, have their senses on high alert for the outcomes in Virginia and Kentucky.

In Virginia, control of the state House and Senate is up for grabs, with Republicans holding a narrow 20-19 majority in the state Senate, and a 51-48 edge in the House of Delegates.  This is the place where tonight Democrats are going to feel great as they will win, in my estimation, a resounding victory.    With this win, they will have consolidated power for the first time in 26 years.  With a Democratic governor, they will be on track to enact legislation long blocked by Republicans.

It is in Kentucky where I believe the Democrats will come up short as Republican Governor Matt Bevin will be re-elected.  He is the most irksome GOP governor, now that Wisconsin sent Scott Walker out of the statehouse.  While Democratic candidate Andy Beshear has proved to be a solid contender and coming from a powerful political family, it is the national tribalism which plays favorable to the GOP.  

Each party will have a way to spin the elections when talking about 2020.