Kentucky Makes For Smiles Nationwide

I was eating a late dinner at home when the Kentucky race for governor was called.  Somewhere between shouting and swallowing, then a fist pump, and then more shouting made for what had already been a very good day–even better.

I had predicted this race would be lost by Democrats, as I had factored in national themes being used by Republicans would titillate enough voters to make a difference.  But it appears that reasonable voters decided what was best for their state was to reject Republican Matt Bevin.  Voters in the Bluegrass State moved Andy Beshear, the Democratic state attorney general and the son of Bevin’s immediate predecessor, into the governor’s office.

National Democrats are cheering a victory there, and also in Virginia where both legislative houses–the Senate and House of Delegates–are now in the hands of the people who use facts.  With this news, there is no containing the sensation that is filling hearts coast-to-coast that our nation might be at the point where the xenophobes, misogynists, and white supremacists can be turned out of office.

I know we can keep the energy level for the next year, will continue to reach out to our base of voters, promote the issues that matter to a diverse electorate, (the GOP can never claim that!) and in so doing get our nation out of the ditch.  

In the meantime let us celebrate Kentucky with their state song.