Nation Heads To Impeachment Hearings, GOP Left Singing A Country Song

The pace of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump is gaining momentum, as one of the strident efforts Republicans are using to push back sinks into the muck of partisanship.

It was announced today that William Taylor will be the first witness who will testify publicly next week.  He told impeachment investigators that it was Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who instigated the drive to get Ukraine’s president to announce investigations into Trump’s political rivals.  Taylor added that Giuliani was acting on behalf of  Trump.

The abuse of power, conducted by Trump, in relation to Ukraine is becoming better known to the public as newspaper accounts provide details and released testimony gives accounts from credible witnesses, some who have served for years in administrations from both parties.

But the GOP keeps harping on the whistleblower, demanding the name be made public and attempting to undermine the core message that this patriot provided to legal offices.  I am not sure the conservatives read much on a good day, but it seems clear they have not kept up-to-date with current events in this case.    It hardly makes sense anymore to concentrate, as they do, on that one person.

We have moved miles from that moment when a whistleblower first made it known that Trump was abusing the powers of his office.  When that person alerted a lawyer, and from there it progressed up to the inspector general, it might have seemed as if only one person was center-stage to this massive political drama.   But in the weeks of depositions from a long list of federal employees, we are discovering that what the whistleblower claimed has not only been verified but something even more damaging is occurring for Trump.  Those being questioned are expanding the scope of the investigation by adding more details and new spokes of inquiry.

Yet, the GOP seems unable to accept the fact they are in a world of hurt from their sloppy political kisses on the ass of Donald Trump.  With the daily release of testimony and documents, the public grows wiser while Republicans resort to an embarrassing display of acting like deers in the headlight.   Surely they must know that attacking a whistleblower at this stage will not in any way mitigate the need to address the serious charges that are festering with their president.

I suspect if we had hidden microphones on the GOP side of congress we would hear them utter the words to a country song that was seemingly written precisely for them as they deal with Trump and his impeachment.  It’s Time To Pay The Fiddler by Cal Smith.

Well it’s time to pay the fiddler
And it’s sad to know we’ve danced it all away
But the warm night’s disappearing
Leaving nothing but the cold hard light of day
And it’s time to start erasing
All the rainbows we’ve been chasing in our minds
We know there’s no way of making
Other ties on us unravel and unwind
Yes it’s time to pay the fiddler
And today’s the day the first installment’s due
For the rest of all my days I’ll wonder why
The maker mismatched me and you 


Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky

Look at the turn that voters can send a state, along with the mood of the nation.

Donald Trump won Kentucky by 30% in 2016.  Incumbent Republican Governor Bevin was up by 5% leading up to Trump’s rally early this week.   Then the voters finally got their chance to weigh into the process.  They turned on Bevin, Trump’s plea, and instead voted for the Democratic candidate for the state’s highest office.