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Trump Hopes To Nix Tax Returns Going Public

November 14, 2019

It was a good day for lawyers working for Donald Trump as they will be busy due to the attempt they are making at keeping Donald Trump’s tax returns from being made public.  Many have stated, with this blogger doing so since 2015, that some interesting answers will be discovered to some national issues when they become available.

What every other presidential nominee has done for decades when releasing tax returns was the very thing Trump refused to do.  Today Trump’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to stop a prosecutor’s investigation of his personal finances, a bold assertion of presidential power that seeks a landmark decision from the nation’s highest court.

The Roberts Court does not want to become embroiled in what would be a historical moment that would test the court’s independence.  Or bungle into the Constitution’s separation-of-powers design.  Trump may not have read his civics books over the years, and care not a wit about his lasting image for the history books.  But each justice on the high court has studied at length constitutional law, and Roberts cares about the legacy of his stewardship of the court, and how it will be viewed by history.

If the court needs to interject itself it will be with the most narrow of rulings. Roberts does not wish to go down this road and look like a partisan institution.

For the republic’s well-being, when dealing with a president’s personal conduct and illegal behavior, we must not allow presidential immunity from criminal investigations to be placed above law and order.

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