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Trump Tweets Attack On Female Impeachment Witness, Refrained From Doing Same To Males

November 15, 2019

It was one of those moments that history will recall.

This morning live on national television, as the major networks had the attention of the American public, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff read aloud Donald Trump’s tweets attacking Marie Yovanovitch, the former Ambassador to Ukraine.  Trump tweeted his nasty words just minutes prior to the committee reaction.

I watched the face of the ambassador and found her to be far abler at diplomacy than I would have been in the same situation.  She was almost stoic in demeanor as Schiff read the president’s words blaming her for things going badly in places where she had served.

When asked for a reaction she served it with a touch of humor.  “Well I, I don’t think I have such powers”.  She then added that, ” I and others have demonstrably made things better for the U.S. and the countries I served in.”

What is most troubling about the latest tweets is the intimidating nature of them.  Yovanovitch stated today. “I think the effect is to be intimidating”.

It also needs to be added that the tweets today carry the usual sexism that comes with many of Trump’s actions.  Recall that Trump did not personally attack either of the male career Foreign Service officers who testified on Wednesday.  It is most telling that Trump feels threatened to such an extent he engaged in witness intimidation against Yovanovitch while she was testifying.  

Caffeinated Politics calls it one more article of impeachment that Congress will need to act on.

And so it goes.

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