Mayor Pete Making Moves In Iowa


We love Pete Buttigieg at Caffeinated Politics because he is first and foremost intelligent.  The second reason is that he answers questions with not what people want to hear, but rather what people need to know.  Few politicians act in that manner, and when they do it shows.  And they earn my respect.

So I am very pleased to read tonight that Buttigieg has surged to the top of the field in Iowa, according to the state’s flagship poll released today.

A Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom survey shows Buttigieg with 25 percent, followed by three candidates vying for second: Elizabeth Warren at 16 percent, and Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders at 15 percent.

To put all this another way to easily digest is that the Democratic race, both in Iowa and then pick any state, has come down to the four top names in this poll.  For there to be the continuous national debate stage with 10 candidates (or more) is simply laughable.

I am so proud of the small donations that have come from this home to Buttigieg each month.  We feel compelled to make an effort to change the nation and set it upon a path of facts, reason, and logic.  Buttigieg so exemplifies those qualities that we hold dear and that this nation longs for in a president.