Gun Violence Starts New Week In America–Gun Fetish To Blame

The news today about gun violence is awful.  Just like it was last week.  Just like it will be next week.  This is our norm for life in America where guns, allowed to be owned by almost anyone, is more important than the lives, families, and communities impacted by these deadly weapons.

Ten men were shot, four of them fatally, during a backyard football watch party in Fresno, California on Sunday night.

Police say some 35 to 40 family and friends were watching a football game in the southeast of the city when one or more people sneaked onto the property through side access and began shooting. 

Then there was the over-the-top tragedy when an emergency dispatcher answered the first 911 phone call from a home in San Diego’s Paradise Hills community nobody was on the other end of the line.

But an argument was heard in the background, police said.

The second call was from a relative next door, who reported hearing what sounded like the pop-pop-pop of a nail gun.

San Diego police officers arrived, looked through a window and saw a 3-year-old boy covered in blood. They broke in, and soon all the horrible facts came together.

A domestic dispute, a gun and five dead from the same family, three of them boys under the age of 12. Another boy is in the hospital in critical condition.  The couple at the center of it was estranged.  The 29-year-old woman had obtained a temporary restraining order against the 31-year-old man one day earlier.

Last night on 60 Minutes red flag laws was one of the segments broadcast to the nation. 

The Red Flag movement began after Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Mental health experts and gun safety advocates wrote a model law that most of the Red Flag state adopted. 

This is a law that is a temporary civil restraining order that allows family members or law enforcement to go to a court and remove the most lethal means – a firearm – before a tragedy occurs. And if the judge agrees and issues the order, law enforcement will go and serve the order on the respondent, remove the firearms, and then somewhere between 7 and 21 days everybody will come back to court there’ll be a full hearing. If the person, in fact, is dangerous to self or others, the firearms will be kept by law enforcement, and that person won’t have access to them for a year.

This morning the carnage from gun violence continues.  Three people were killed today in a shooting outside a Walmart.

It is early Monday afternoon as I write this post.  More of these senseless shootings will occur today and tomorrow and next month and next year.   This is what happens when the selfish needs of those who hold onto their weapons with a fetish quality are deemed more important than the lives of our fellow citizens.  Too many men have limited ability to reflect and self-analyze their need for being ‘masculine’ and instead have opted for the phallic nature of guns as an answer to their lives.

Consider a trend I have noticed for many years where on Christmas Day men will post their new semiautomatic weapons on social media–as if Santa is no more than an NRA delivery service.  It is simply gross.  As is what constitutes morning attire for some in this nation at that hour.    But then that is part of the gun-toting crowd, too, I am sure.

Consider my love for fast cars with the ‘need’ for an AR-15.  When creating my MINI convertible for manufacture in Britain I could have opted for the top-end engine model which would have almost lifted the tar off the roads as I zoomed about.  But there is no place for driving in such a fashion so I allowed reality to make the decision.  Just as there is no sensible reason for owning a car with power not really needed or able to be used, one can then relate it to a gun, such as an AR-15, where its usefulness in the real world is nill.

Yet there is a continuing number of sales of such weapons and it is not difficult to make a determination as to why so many men crave them.  Guns have become a fetish for men who need some external means to enhance their image of being masculine.  So the Republicans are correct, in some regards, when they claim that mental health is a part of the problem with gun violence in our nation.