More Confirmation Of Abuse Of Power By Trump

We finally heard from Gordon Sondland this morning, the hapless hotelier who bought the European Union ambassadorship with a $1 million donation to Trump’s inauguration and now finds himself smack in the middle of an impeachment probe.  At times on the national stage, he seemed goofy and uncomfortable in his role as a John Dean figure.  But at other times, in grudging detail, he told the underside of the Ukraine story which implicates Donald Trump to the charge of abuse of power.   He outlined his direct talks with Trump about matters related to the quid pro quo.

Yesterday we watched the compelling testimony of Lt. Col Vindman. Last week we heard from Ambassador Yovanovitch. They are both exceptionally talented people who have served our nation honorably.  Their backgrounds speak volumes about their professional responsibilities, and as such their gravitas was not in doubt when they told the Intelligence Committee what they knew.  

Now, once again, after today’s testimony, we have more direct evidence from Sondland corroborating their testimony, and also stating, in no uncertain terms, that Trump directed the bribery scheme, vis-a-vis Ukraine.  But if you listen to Trump at the White House, well…..he appointed a man “he didn’t know very well” to an important and sensitive ambassadorship to the European Union.

I so yearn for an intelligent person to again sit in the Oval Office.

Let me most candid. The Intelligence Committee needs to hear from Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Bolton, and Perry.  If any or all refuse to testify, then I think the Committee would be justified in assuming that their testimony would do nothing to contradict that of the witnesses who have testified.

There is a growing pile of evidence that crimes were committed.  Sondland confirmed that the line of accountability ends in the White House.  Let this imposter of a presidency come to an end.  The nation deserves nothing less.

William Stephen Hamilton Important To Wisconsin


For decades Alexander Hamilton has been my favorite Founding Father.  His personal drive and energy, his rise to power, his intellect, his concern about populism and unbridled passions, and his ability to write are all reasons Hamilton is favored above the others.  With great eagerness, James and I have tickets for Hamilton, coming to Madison’s Overture Hall for 24 performances.  We might even don white wigs for the night!

In preparation for what will be the largest money-making performance (over $6 million) at Overture, the Wisconsin State Journal is reporting some interesting stories connected to the national icon.

He was educated for a time at West Point, became a skilled surveyor and drove cattle from central Illinois through the wilderness to feed hungry troops in what is now Green Bay.

William Stephen Hamilton later came to what is now Lafayette County in 1828 to mine lead. He also ran a grocery store, established a post office and built a school, as well as a fort to fend off intruders during the Black Hawk War.

William Hamilton’s contribution to Wisconsin’s history is noteworthy, even if there is no musical in the works about him.

Instead, there are at least two books, countless newspaper articles, letters, maps and a mural in front of Zimmerman Cheese at the corner of Mineral Street and Highway 78 in Wiota. The Wisconsin Historical Society even has a set of sleigh bells given to William Hamilton by his mother, Eliza, at the age of 80 or 81, who made an arduous journey from New York in the late 1830s to visit her son at his mining operation — known then as Hamilton’s Diggings, not Wiota.

The entire article is very much worth your time.