Pete Buttigieg Crafting Message For National Race

What creates a winning hand, with a diverse electorate, is always the key when it comes to waging a fight for the presidential nomination.  Pete Buttigieg has intrigued me, again and again, with his tone and ‘sales pitch’ as he works for a win in Iowa.  He is very intelligent and that impresses me greatly.  But he is also proving to have a skill set with campaigning which is most important to what will be required for a Democrat to prevail in 2020.  What he is doing in Iowa will play well for large swaths of the nation.  Watch his messaging in the next few weeks.

As Mr. Buttigieg, 37, looks to solidify his support in the remaining weeks before the Democratic primary season begins, he has found a wellspring of enthusiasm among a critical bloc of voters more frequently associated with Joseph Biden: older white Americans.”

“During a burst of campaign stops in Iowa this week, his first trip to the state since a Des Moines Register/CNN poll showed him with a commanding, nine-point lead here, Mr. Buttigieg repeatedly made appeals to older Iowans that were hardly subtle. ‘We’ve got to act not just to shore up Social Security but to make sure everybody can retire and live in dignity,’ he said at a rally on Monday evening in Council Bluffs, Iowa. ‘Call it my ‘Gray New Deal.’’