NRA Takes A Blow At Supreme Court

After a long holiday weekend, I am pleased to start the blogging week off with a positive news story.  We do need more of them.  Many, many more.

As readers know the scourge of gun violence has long been a theme on Caffeinated Politics. We simply must work to curtail gun deaths in the nation.  And the very last thing to be allowed is the relaxation of gun laws and regulations so as to allow for even more carnage on our streets and in our communities.   That is why the news today can be viewed as positive.

First a bit of a backstory as to how the Supreme Court is the cause for a bit of a smile today.  They reviewed a case regarding the limitations on New York City residents who had “premises licenses” from transporting their guns outside their homes. It allowed them to take their guns to one of seven shooting ranges within the city limits, but it barred them from taking their guns anywhere else.  It did not matter if the guns were unloaded and locked in a container separate from any ammunition.

A few city residents with undoubtedly support from NRA blood-money sued to challenge the law but lost in Federal District Court in Manhattan and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. A unanimous three-judge panel of the Second Circuit ruled that the ordinance passed constitutional muster.  After the Supreme Court granted review, the city repealed its law.

Leading up to the hearing today there was great glee among gun-toters of a future ruling which would broadly disallow various kinds of gun-control measures from local units of government.  But as the court seemed to strongly suggest there is nothing to need doing since the repeal of the New York City law made the case challenging it moot.

Now, of course, the NRA knuckle-dragging crowd will gripe and complain they have suffered a grievous unconstitutional blow that will only be corrected by the simpletons from around the nation coughing up some more money to be sent to their national offices. And we know that such baloney from the NRA sells like sweaters in the Artic. Someone in the NRA headquarters needs a new car, I suspect, for the holiday period and should not old Fred and the missus in Texas help with the downpayment?  “They want your guns, Fred! Send money, now!’

For the vast majority in this land who do support gun-control measures such as background checks and red-flag laws, we know questioning and comments from many justices today was important as there seems no willingness to give further foundation to the nonsense of the Heller decision.  And in that alone, there is a reason to call this a positive news story.  Not a bad way to start the blogging week.