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Special Honor Flight To Washington For Vets With Dementia Or Terminally Ill

December 3, 2019

A special honor flight took place yesterday to Washington.

Frank Shakespeare who was once head of CBS News, worked in the 1968 Nixon campaign and was the first US Ambassador to the Vatican in the 1980s was one of those who took the trip.  What a wonderful storehouse of stories this man could tell, and how eager I would have been to hear each and every one of them.   He had even known Edward Murrow!

My husband, James, started a guardianship business in Madison and now assists Frank, who still lives with his family.  We spent time at the airport area and the local VFW last night talking with people and doing something we had always wanted to participate in–the return of an honor flight.  If you have not done so, it is worth your time.   And when doing so strike up conversations with strangers–that is where the stories begin.

This really was a touching night for many as tears were coming down the cheeks of men around the room. The video can be viewed in the link above.


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