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33% Of Newly Elected MNA Board In Madison Resigns

December 4, 2019


I attended the MNA Board Meeting where it was announced J. Cheema has resigned from the Board.  There are now TWO vacancies to be filled at the next meeting, December 16th.  It was announced that members can self-nominate through noon Dec 13th.

I find it interesting how, once the Board positions are filled, there is a possibility that the Executive officers may change.  I found it most interesting that this matter was not only mentioned tonight, but it was repeated.  I also find it odd that a person selected to fill in a vacancy might sit on the Executive Committee over a board member who was duly elected by the membership at the October meeting.    This is a matter which requires the attention of the membership.

We now have the second resignation of an MNA Board member who had their name on the October ballot and was elected by the membership.   Collen Hayes was the first person to do so, which generated much discussion over the past weeks.  Cheema is now the second person to vacate a seat, though the Board gave no date as to her resignation.  There were only six candidates who won the election to the board this fall and now 33% of them have resigned. 

Given the issues which surrounded the move by Collen, and now with another vacancy, I ask that the Board President Anita Krasno release the letters or texts or parchment with the written notifications for each vacancy.   No one can claim that such a release of this information will ‘embarrass anyone’. (Though one may be most telling.)  The membership has a right to read both of these notifications.

One has to ask why two candidates who ran for the Board, and were elected, have chosen to resign within weeks of the election, and what motivated their actions?

I trust there will be thoughtful people who will offer their time for the one-year Board positions.

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