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Newseum Is Shutting Down

December 4, 2019

This took me by surprise.  

After years of weak revenue and inflated executive salaries, the Newseum is shutting down at the end of this year. No longer will media-savvy museum-goers have access to its trove of artifacts, including the Watergate Hotel door that burglars broke though in 1972, the desk that Tim Russert used on Meet the Press, and the eyeglasses that Congressman Greg Gianforte knocked off reporter Ben Jacobs’s face during that infamous body slam. What, then, will become of the journalistic totems the Newseum has collected?

It depends. The museum’s primary financial backer, the Freedom Forum, will continue to own all the items that have been donated outright to its permanent collection. Those will go into storage at a facility outside Washington. The Freedom Forum plans to loan them to other institutions when appropriate, and it hasn’t ruled out creating a new version of the Newseum in a different location at some point.

I am disappointed that on our trip to D.C. two years ago we did not have time to visit and explore this site.  Though we had 10 days of sightseeing planned there is just so much to see and experience that multiple trips would be required to take it all in.  Washington is simply a treasure trove for history buffs.


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