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Trump Can Not Take What He Dishes Out

December 4, 2019

It is not surprising that world leaders were discussing and laughing at Donald Trump this week at the NATO summit.  Nor is it surprising how Trump displayed his peevish nature for the world to see when he learned of the open display of their feelings about him.

The brief video which now has been seen worldwide shows grinning world leaders at a Buckingham Palace reception having the same type of laugh and dismay about Trump that the vast majority of Americans have been doing since 2015.   What is most precious about this video is the fact Princess Anne is there, and laughing at Trump. And Boris Johnson is smiling, too.

There has been a clear push-back this summit from the NATO leaders against the tone and style that Trump has brought to past meetings.  There is no more genuflecting to Trump, someone who everyone knows to be over his head in the office he holds.

For Trump to have voiced any negative reaction to anyone at the summit for word usage is more than galling.  I found it stunning, even in the era of Trump, to hear him say, “That is a very, very, very nasty statement,” in reference to French President Macron.  The backstory deals with an Economist interview where Macron questioned NATO’s strength “in light of the commitment of the United States.”

After Trump has worked tirelessly to undermine NATO, and has used the most demeaning and biting language on others it is now priceless to have Trump castigate someone else for word usage.  Trump can dish it out, but like others with his disorder, he can not stand it when the same is done to him.  Trump can snap nasty tweets from afar but has a hard time dealing with someone face-to-face who will not allow for the absurd behavior to continue.

So that is why Trump returned early from the summit, and would not participate like an adult on the world stage.

But at the heart as to why world leaders were rightly dismissive of him is that Trump is nothing more than a narcissist who must always have the eyes of everyone upon him.  That might be fine in his glorified penthouses but in the world of diplomacy–and if Trump had ever read any history he would know–one does not try to insult other world leaders by keeping them waiting for your arrival.  Especially when it is for nothing more than shameful self-promotion.  Which is the only thing he is ever interested in doing.

Trump should know that he is not respected by anyone with an IQ larger than Dolly Pardon’s bra size.  He is certainly not respected by world leaders who know the art of diplomacy and are grounded in the realities of international issues.   He is viewed as a buffoon and a contemptible figure by those who know him.

And now we know those sentiments are not only expressed in private, but also in public.

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