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Pizza Lovers In Madison Feel Glum

December 5, 2019

Readers to this blog know I have been excited about the news in the business pages about Giordano’s Pizza coming to our city.  I was ready to rave about a place where it is understood that pizza should not be a thin crust served with skimpy toppings.  I want pizza with heft and hearty servings.

But as we learned this week that tasty delight seems not to be slated for our city.

Jessica Harris, a spokesperson for the Chicago-style stuffed pizza chain Giordano’s, told the Wisconsin State Journal that negotiations on a Madison location aren’t going as planned.  Giordano’s was actively looking for a site in our city and since that has not panned out we have been removed from the “coming soon” area of the company’s website.

How can it be in a city this size that there is not a perfect place for this gem of a business?  I would drive back and forth across the city for a pizza pie of the type made at Giordano’s.  And I strongly suspect many others would have done the same!



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