Former Brit Prime Minister Urges Voters To Not Support Party He Once Led

What now constitutes conservatism is not only a discussion taking place in American politics where Donald Trump’s cult personality has undermined long-held philosophies and underpinnings of the Republican Party.   Such chaos is also taking place for conservatives with our friends across the pond.

The former Conservative PM said he would personally back David Gauke, Dominic Grieve and Anne Milton – who all left the party over Brexit – if he lived in their constituencies.

Addressing a ‘Stop The Brexit Landslide’ rally in London, he said: “Let me make one thing absolutely clear: none of them has left the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party has left them.”

Sir John’s bombshell intervention is the first time a former Prime Minister has urged voters not to support the party they used to lead.

Mr Gauke, Mr Grieve and Ms Milton all lost the Tory whip for voting against the Government to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Each of them is now standing for re-election as indepenedent candidates in the seats they used to represent for the Tories.

In a video address to the rally, Sir John said: “Without such talent on its benches, Parliament will be the poorer, which is why – if I were resident in any one of their constituencies – they would have my vote.”

He said Brexit would “affect nearly every single aspect of our lives for many decades to come”.

It will make our country poorer and weaker,” he said.

This blog has been, from the start, opposed to Brexit and the smarmy stylings of Boris Johnson.  At the same time, I can not imagine having Britain led by Jeremy Corbyn, who makes Bernie Sanders look like Milt Friedman.   There are so many ways the upcoming election can be a disaster for the Brits.  Which is why Molly from Hampshire might best sum up where that nation is leading up to balloting.