Christmas Tradition Continues On Madison Isthmus

This afternoon we continued a holiday tradition that goes back to 2005 when James’ parents visited our home on the West side of Madison.   People are asked to come to our home where a large box is opened which contains solid colored ordinary Christmas ornaments that can be bought at any store, 30 small pots of acrylic paints, and some newspapers to stop a mess in its tracks.  The folks are asked to participate in helping make a few plain Christmas bulbs into something seasonal.   Using acrylic paint the object is to make the ornament unique.

With my lack of artistic skills ‘unique’ is the kindest one can say about the result.  But as most of our friends have proven, and as James does each year, there is a lot of talent when there is patience with a small paintbrush.    When the painting and laughing were done, and the ornaments dried with the hair blower, they are placed on the tree.  Or people can take them home to hang on their boughs.

Every year when decorating the tree James and I remark on this or that ornament, who made it and recall the memories along the way.  Out of the over 500 ornaments on the tree, this year about 50 are made with the love and smiles of friends.

Today that yearly Christmas tradition continued with homemade pumpkin muffins and tea with Henry and his mom, Sarah.  They provided laughter and merriment to the season.  Henry tells stories in paragraphs and creates with bright colors and a few songs thrown into the mix, too!

Fantastic day!