Another Mass Shooting In America

Just another Tuesday in America.

While the gun deaths were taking place I wonder which NRA lobbyist was passing money to a Republican member of congress?  Let us be serious….members.

The shooting began outside of a cemetery in Jersey City, N.J., on Tuesday when a 40-year-old detective tried to intercept two people who were suspects in a homicide. They opened fire and fled, speeding off in a rented truck that had been reported stolen and leaving the detective dead on the ground.

They drove about a mile, stopping in a Hasidic neighborhood where dozens of young ultra-Orthodox families have relocated to in recent years. With traffic at a standstill as the police rushed to answer 911 calls about the shooting at the cemetery, the pair invaded a kosher market.

What followed was an all-out gun battle as police officers swarmed the area and helicopters circled overhead. About a dozen schools went on lock down for hours, trapping thousands of students in classrooms long after the school day usually ends. New Jersey Transit suspended bus service and a light rail line that runs through Jersey City for a time. A nearby exit off the New Jersey Turnpike was closed for hours.

When the street was quiet again, five people in the market were dead — three people who were either customers or workers, as well as the two suspects, who have not been identified.