Democrats Not Gloating, Serious Nature About Impeachment Dominates

For all of the real anger about a whole host of issues which Donald Trump has fomented during his years in the White House, from immoral policies at the southern border, feverishly working to undermine the Affordable Care Act, ripping at international alliances, or waging a trade war there is no glee to be found among serious-minded Democrats when it comes to the impeachment process.

Millions in the nation demanded that Democrats proceed down the constitutional path of impeachment, following the facts showing a president used the office to try to personally benefit in a partisan way by the use of a foreign power and then worked to obstruct the facts from Congress.  Americans knew there was only one way that our nation could travel.  History demands that brakes are applied and checks and balances used when those in power abuse the trust that has been placed upon their shoulders.  To have looked away, or taken an easier path, would not have been the honorable or ethical path that a sound republic could ever reckon.

Democrats are doing the nation’s business with impeachment.  The matter is not taken lightly.  Doing the right thing for the nation means that there will be those from the other side who will complain and work to make sure that the removal of Trump by the Senate never occurs.  The likelihood of his removal from office is akin to roses blooming in my yard come January.   (But my rhododendron did bloom out in late October….)  While Republicans brag openly about subverting the norms and ideals in this land and mock the institutions designed to correct abuses of power the nation looks on and wonders what has happened to the party that once promoted law and order.

The articles of impeachment drafted against Trump makes no one smile.  No one wants their president to have lowered himself, through his behavior, to the point that the House Judiciary Committee will need to cast votes for articles of impeachment.  But when such abuse of power takes place there must be accountability.   While Republicans attempt to deflect and deny what Trump did, history will write that Democrats did the work that our Founders knew we could handle if only we stepped up to act.

We can not know the future, or how the coming years will unfold.  But I am most confident that when history is written about what unfolded today it will be noted at length there was integrity in the hands of the majority party in the House as they fulfilled their obligations to the nation.

Democrats are not gloating.  We know how serious constitutional process is, and what happens when it is not followed.

And so it goes.