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7 Years Ago Today 20 Elementary Students Shot Dead, Six Adults

December 14, 2019


ELwSJX5WoAEyIeV7 years ago today, a 20-year-old with a history of mental health problems killed his mother with her own gun then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, and fatally shot 20 students and 6 adults before killing himself.

That people around the nation are continually shocked over gun violence is always the strangest part of these news reports. ‘We did not think it could happen here.’

Really?  Are you serious?

Why would it not be inevitable that in a nation that has a congress and many state legislatures bought by the NRA that a domestic terrorist could get his hands on deadly weapons and mountains of ammunition?   We have seen, time and again, people of all backgrounds able to amass even larger arsenals for their killing sprees than what occurred in Connecticut.

No, there can no longer be any shock to this kind of news story as we have brought this madness on to ourselves and are now suffering as a result of allowing the NRA to call the shots.

How often have many of us asked for and demanded reform with gun laws?  Even asking for simple proposals such as laws to keep deadly weapons, particularly rapid-fire guns, out of the hands of disturbed individuals and those with ill intent and it all runs into a total wall of opposition from the NRA and the three-thumb crowd who lick their boots.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 26 people dead, and 20 of those were children with nothing being done to curtail gun deaths, one now has to ask a real question. In the context of our nation’s gun culture after 20 small children were buried what is the big deal about the deaths of folks on a naval base? Or police officers?  It is just another news story of gun violence, after all.

Mass shootings of this type happen with regularity and no one seems to care enough to make a large enough stink to alert congress this crazy gun culture has to come to an end.

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