One Missing Parent In Madison

So….I am at Barnes and Noble this evening (at the mall) when a group of early teenage boys comes into the store. One of them shoves aside a pile of books on a table and sits upon it. I was scanning the new paperbacks for sale and noticed he had a charge card in his mouth and was sucking on it.  (Yeah.)  As I round the books on my table he either spits out or drops the card.

“Pick that up for me.”

(I would love to pick up your spit-laced card.)

“No, I will not.”

“Why not?”

“First, because you had it in your mouth….” and then I went back to looking at books.


“Hey, nothing.” And with a look that I assume, he does not often get from adults in his life, meant an ending to that wonderful mall experience.

I can only imagine what teachers go through every day in our schools. Parents need to again be parents!

This one was a prime example as to why I make that plea.