Another Needless Gun Shooting Death In Madison

Madison police officers were called to the 1000 block of Spruce Street Saturday afternoon after reports of gunshots were called in by neighbors.

Police said when they arrived at the scene, one victim was found and transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The victim was pronounced dead Saturday evening as a result of the injuries.

Gun violence is a continuing daily assault on our society. It is a costly one to our communities not only in terms of victims killed and injured but the financial cost to all of us from law enforcement to the justice system and prisons. Simply put, should not the NRA pick up some of the costs to taxpayers, since they are the ones making it impossible to enact meaningful gun control laws in our legislative bodies?

I am not here to say that every gun shooting death can be eliminated with the passage of gun control laws.  But we all know that gun control laws will work to narrow the numbers killed and injured.  The fact is our nation is so littered with all sorts of guns and untold amounts of ammunition that no one can expect miracles from gun control laws.  But we know we must start, and they will have a positive impact.

I recall in the past year or so the American College of Physicians released a report about the reasons the nations need to reduce gun violence.  They, after all, get to see all the hell and horror associated with a nation that is drowning in weapons and the blood it creates.  The NRA, in their usual manner of stopping common-sense conversations in the nation about guns, told doctors to basically shut-up.

Many years ago a friend was a triage nurse in Cook County.  I was working in state government at the time and while there was some gun legislation pending in the assembly I was hearing his first-hand accounts as he worked with and watched a doctor cut open a chest in an attempt to save a victim of gun violence.  The disconnect between the politically oriented legislators wanting to make it easier to own guns versus the ones on the front lines working to save lives from too many guns on the streets has always remained in my memory.

This weekend in Madison another senseless random act of gun violence played out with the death of the one shot.  And we are reading the news reports and knowing that our taxes go to pay for the process of investigations, court proceedings, and the housing of the criminal who used a gun for a very long time in our prison system.

Meanwhile, the NRA works without moral qualms to make sure that more guns are manufactured and sold, the process to obtain one is not limited, and that the political interests that allow them to operate this way for decades are not stymied.

In my view of life and politics that is the tail wagging the dog of society.  We are fools for not speaking up with more verve and demanding that this (fill in your own word) from the NRA comes to an end.  The gun violence that plays out every day, and everywhere can be reduced.  We know that it can.  We must find our way to demand that it does.

The least the NRA could do is send a card of condolences to the local units of governments expressing their regrets taxpayers need to keep funding the costs of gun violence.  We know the NRA sure can send letters to elected officials when they vote for the gun lobby interests!