Stop Flag-Waving Over War Fever Following Trump’s Ordered Execution Of Iran Governmental Official

If your Facebook page is being cluttered with people who have just found pictures of the American flag, newfound definitions for the word patriotism,  and tortured interpretations of history, well, you are not alone.  With lightning speed, a certain segment of the nation has started reposting the most ridiculous memes following the assassination of a top Iranian.

Whatever primal instinct takes over when international events erupt, which causes bellicose and strident nationalism to flow, is simply troubling.  History is littered with what happens when we do not allow for reason and logic to take top billing.  World War I is perhaps the deadliest chapter that underscores why passions must never lead policymakers when rational decisions need to be made.

There are so many spokes to the seismic event which started with the assassination of Iranian General Suleimani.   One of the national parts of this story is that since the start of the Trump Administration there is a lack of credibility when it comes to information and trustworthiness.  At a moment in the nation–the world–when the President of the United States must be viewed as honest and credible we are sadly left with Donald Trump.  Republicans who hear that fact, and get all defensive need to be reminded they are the ones who raised up and supported him and now must accept blame as this crisis simmers and grows.

Deceit has been a daily political tool of the Trump White House and now that credibility has been buried we are being told by many in this land, including those on Facebook who list in their bio they ‘attended high school’, that we should not ask questions and probe the crisis to find foundational truths.  If we do that we then are called unpatriotic. 

Reporters and journalists are the ones we now must rely on to get to the truth of what is unfolding.  By the minute the story grows with aspects coming from many parts of the world.  To be skeptical and questioning every aspect of what the Trump Administration is saying or doing is patriotism in action.  Anything short of an all-out examination would not only be a breach of their professionalism but a severe diminishing of confidence in the Fourth Estate. 

Sunday morning Secretary of State Pompeo was doing everything but headstands to try and walk away from the threatened international crime of bombing cultural sites in Iran.  The very thing that Trump had tweeted earlier in the weekend and then what he stated openly to the press as an option is but one of the examples of what needs to be covered, and why.

In the midst of all this chaos comes the silly crowd in the nation who wish to use their twisted propaganda and shaming of people who doubt what the Trump White House is saying about Iran.  Some of the chest-beaters in the land wish the rest of us to wear blinders.  But to those misguided and uninformed people, we must respond that there will be no end to our demand for accountability from this White House.

We know, after all that it is most patriotic to ask for evidence as to the actions of those elected to serve the nation. The citizenry has every right to ask why the public is being manipulated into a war with Iran.

I have no desire or inclination to wave the flag over the incredibly dangerous, short-sighted, and jingoistic actions from the Trump White House.  I also know that reporters and journalists must hold firm to their professional calling and seek information so to inform the citizenry.

Demanding evidence and accountability may seem of no account for the crowd who ‘attended high school’, but for the vast majority of this nation who knows the importance of being informed and who desire to see our nation operate on the rule of law, it matters.

And so it goes.