New Episode Of My Podcast, Doty Land, Is Now Live

Mighty pleased with how this second episode of Doty Land sounds and the mood it creates. 

What was it like to be involved as a listener and as a participant when radio shows were broadcast live to listeners nationwide?  Today’s guest as a boy was a ‘radio star’ and as a teenager attended numerous radio shows including the Gene Autry and the Ozzie and Harriet shows.  With production skills which imitate the grand days of old time radio, this show is certain to be a delight.


‘Frail’ Harvey Weinstein Makes Front Pages Of Newspapers

Like a scene out of a B-grade movie, a frail-looking Harvey Weinstein leaned on a walker yesterday looking pathetic. He passed by the reporters and protesters alike as he hobbled and looked like he as seeking out a modern-day Cecil DeMille for his close up.  Smarmy bastard does not seem aware his close up was his mug shot!

Meanwhile, the criminal charges against him were piling higher on the West Coast.  If he is basing his need for health-impaired effects on the court cases he now faces he might consider entering court comatose.   As a true Hollywood legend might say to the sex predator  ‘Fasten your seatbelts Harvey, it’s going to be a bumpy night.’

While looking at the front pages of the morning newspapers three of them made the point about this story succinctly.  Hope you enjoy them.





Conservatives Jumping The Shark

When one wishes to underline the moment when there is no question of the decline about a person, a movement, or an event it can be summed up with ‘jumping the shark’.  That harkens back to an ABC comedy of my youth, Happy Days, when Fonzie jumps a shark on water skies.   It was a telling moment about what happens when, in that case, a television network did not appreciate that shows need to have a definite shelf-life.

This morning come two glaring examples of conservatives who are not aware they are souring, spoiling, and decaying while in front of the public.

Disgraced television evangelist Jim Bakker said on the air in front of an audience Donald Trump is a test of faith for those of the Christian faith.  As soon as I heard that line the large red mental question mark in my head went off.


“You know what? Trump is a test whether you’re even saved. Only saved people can love Trump.”

Here I was sure only those with a marriage license to their cousin loved Trump.

Even some of Bakker’s audience laughed at his remark, and I think one even threw up a little in his mouth.

Not to be outdone for shocking stupidity yesterday was Rush Limbaugh, who I rarely hear anything about anymore.

Trump, who spends much of his mornings in the White House residence watching his conservative pals on FAUX News placed a call into the Rush Limbaugh Show and briefly discussed the Mueller report:

Trump: Even I was impressed with how clean I am, Rush.

Limbaugh: You may be cleaner than any previous president we can think of. 

Add 300 pounds to Fonzie in the photo below to mimic Rush, or a sanctimonious grin for Bakker and we have the news picture of the morning.